Health Vs. Disease Care

There is a strong grassroots movement in North America toward a more innate, philosophical, and gentle health care system; a movement that also calls for a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical approach. One reason for this shift is a growing discontent among parents with the delivery of health care in our present system.

I use the words “health care” with chagrin; nothing could be further from the truth. Many of you would be surprised to learn that the word health does not even appear in many medical dictionaries.  Why is that?  Because Medicine deals with disease, not health.  Think about this for a moment: If you go to your family doctor and say, “Doctor, I am really healthy, what can you do for me?”  They will think you are crazy – not exactly what you had in mind, right?  You see, Medicine does not deal with Health.  It deals with the issue of sickness.  We have the best medical technology on the face of the planet, we spend the most money as a country on ‘health care’ and yet hospitals are always full!  How does spending more money on ‘health care’ equate to more people being sick?  The fact that people are sick is actually quite profitable.  Are you shocked?

 Yes, there are huge profits being made from people being sick- and being kept that way. 

This discontent with our present health care system is causing ordinary people to pose a threat to the authority of the family doctor and the specialist. Enter a patient who is very well educated and asks many questions. Even more threatening is that he/she wants answers to those questions. Most physicians are having difficulty providing cogent, logical answers that make sense to people.

You are beginning to learn that good health is not at all what you thought. No. It isn’t about simply feeling good. It’s about having your body function at an exceptional level – not simply being ok that you get up every morning and are able to dress yourself.  You are beginning to understand that health is not how you feel, its how you function. It’s how you are!