Let’s talk about why we don’t adjust immediately.

Once we hear about chiropractic and all it helps, many people want to start immediately. We know you want to get right to the table and enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care but first we need to do your examination and see how your body is functioning currently.

Our office prides itself on being thorough with your health and function. So first is we need to gather all the information on you, then we sit down and discuss your health and goals. Then we do a complete examination to find out how your body is and is not functioning. X-rays and neurological scans are next, we never guess…we want to know and we want you to be empowered with information.

Next is your report of findings, where we sit down and go over your examination findings, your scans and your x-rays and we discuss options for care depending on how you want to proceed. We always recommend care that is needed to fix the underlying issues and get you to your best health and function possible.

So be a little patient, but understand your health is our #1 goal and we are good at what we do.

For more information enjoy this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p68lRoPTdyY