Starting the year off right.

Did you know? 

Chiropractic Care for an Infant with Cerebral Palsy: a case report.

Recent research confirmed what we see everyday in our practice: 
Chiropractic adjustments, which focus on the reduction of vertebral subluxation, produced positive outcomes in the development of a patient’s childhood milestones and quality of life. This child is able to walk, talk and function as a normal child with slight developmental delays, he is not wheelchair bound! 
Read the article here.

Choose Health Eating healthy should be our normal habit; it is not normal to consume food-like products or fast food on a regular basis.  Use this time of year to refocus on food, keep it simple, keep it fun and fall in love with taking care of yourself. 

Don’t know where to start?  Start with getting enough water everyday, 1/2 your body weight in oz is the recommendation we make and a great goal to work for.

Need a quick dinner, start here: 
Beef Stir-Fry Recipe

Your child’s amazing body:
Bumbo Seats…to use or not to use…
We may wreck your day but, we don’t recommend using Bumbo seats.  The reason: infant motor pattern development begins from the day a child is born and can affect everything from their ability to roll, crawl, walk and play sports in high school. 
We suggest no Bumbo seats or other infant mobility accessory that encourages a child’s movement before they can perform that movement on their own. Infants are incredible adapters and learners.  Infants require time on their backs and tummies to develop.  That is why we do not recommend Bumbo seats and other fixed devices for infants, like infant floor seats and jumper seats.
Instead, keep it simple and let your child develop at their own pace, with little intervention.

Check your baby at home:

Part 1:look at your baby’s head.
Is it round and symmetrical?
Are the eyes, ears and shoulders level?
Does your baby tilt to one side or only look in one direction?
Part 2: eat, sleep and poop.
Is your baby nursing equally at both breasts (without having to compensate with different positions)?
Is your baby sleeping the majority of the day and content when they are awake? 
Does your baby poop on a regular basis without excessive gas, discomfort or effort?

If your baby is struggling with any of these issues, find a pediatric chiropractor in your area; if you have moved away, reach out, we can help connect you to someone close! 

A Resource for Your Family

This book was written for you, it covers all aspects of life and growth and is a resource for parents as your children grow.
This book is a resource for anyone wanting to be healthier and understanding how the body works, heals and functions. 

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How is your brain working? We now have scanning technology that evaluates how you are responding to stress and if your brain is healthy and functioning normally

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Do you know that most people are stuck in a flight/fight pattern?  This limits healing, repair, rest, focus and growth.  Learn how to regulate your nervous system for optimal function.