Your Body!

Let‘s take a look at how the body functions; Your Health is based on four profound principles:

1. Your Body is self-healing.  Yes, your Body is a self-healing, self- regulating organism. It is designed to heal itself and regulate all its functions. Amazing! And it follows a very exact program in order to perform all of its amazing functions.  You could say you are on “Auto Pilot!”

2. Your Nervous System runs and controls your whole body and all its functions. It controls the way you breathe, the way you digest food, what you see, the way you move, your immune system, and everything else.

3. As long as there is no interference to the normal function of your nervous system, you should experience the best of health. Period! If something interferes with the function of the nervous system, it will no longer be able to control the body as it was meant to. Your body will not work as it should.   It will do its “own thing” This is called Malfunction!
And if a part of the body is malfunctioning,
it will slowly start to become sick.
This is called Dis-ease
When your body is no longer able to handle the disease stage, it will then “talk” to you in a language you can easily understand.  The language your body uses is called “Symptoms.”
So… what can interfere with the function of your Nervous System? Well….If one of the vertebrae of your spine becomes subluxated, it will interfere with the way the nervous system controls your body functions. You will no longer be able to function normally. Your body will do its own “thing.”

4. My mission is to correct these Vertebral Subluxations.
This restores normal nervous system balance, and all body functions start to improve – including Breathing!!! And no drugs are involved! I like that! If you know someone who is suffering with Asthma, please have them talk with me. I can help!