Thai Partner Yoga Therapy…

Thai Partner Yoga Therapy
Is a unique form of yoga which generously supports emotional and physical health.  Like yoga and massage therapy, TPYT reduces the effect of chronic stress. It balances the autonomic nervous system, calming sympathetic nervous system overwhelm (“fight or flight”) and creating a relaxed state known as “rest and digest.” TYPT helps to minimize obsessive thinking, worry, and mental fatigue. It helps life’s stressors to feel more manageable.
 TPTY increases the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate proper form and function. This support is needed when the body is challenged by chronic stress. TPYT stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow, while increasing range of motion.  It is excellent for and can be suited for athletes, pregnancy, chronic illness, and wellness care.
TPTY is a complimentary modality to chiropractic adjustments and care, which are the foundation for a healthy and functional spine and nervous system. TPTY works to relax the mind and body in between adjustments so your body can heal optimally.
Katie McFarland is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor and has specialized in Thai Partner Yoga Therapy, and other alternative health modalities. Through Katie’s own health struggles she has a deep and reverenced understanding of health and the journey of recovery and healing. Her skill and her nurturing personality helps clients to feel that they have received excellent care.  Katie is full of life and loves to share with others all she
has learned and experienced.

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