We’re here to inspire and support your healthy lifestyle.Whether you live locally or not, we’re here to support you, so if you’ve moved away don’t despair, our goal is to share health related material no matter where you live.  What’s happening at our office and in our community:Book your sauna session now!
Infrared Sauna is great for detoxification, improved circulation, sleep, immunity and helps regulate the nervous system.

Halo Salt Therapy is great for respiratory issues including cough, wheezing, congestion and skin conditions.

Red Light Therapy is great for collagen formation, increased healing, wrinkle reduction, activation of mitochondria within the cells to facilitate healing.  Great for brain therapy. 

Month of May special: $5 off Red Light Therapy! (1 use per family member)We offer the NeuroInfiniti Brain Scan to measure your body’s ability to handle and deal with stress.  Interested in getting your brain scanned? Reach out today! Anxiety, Depression, Dementia, ADHD are all signs of your brain not balanced…let’s figure out why. 

Earlier this year Dr. Kristina Stitcher was on Good Things Utah  to discuss babies and car crashes, so important to have your children in the proper car seat and proper position in the car. 

Yoga for Fertility – Wednesday, May 29th at 7:15-8:30pm
Call the clinic to RSVP.

Building an Intuitive Approach for Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Beyond– Tuesday, May 14th at 7-9pm hosted by Jessica Thompson, LCSW

A holistic workshop to help you discover practical tools and insights to cultivate your ideal perinatal journey, prioritize mental health and intuitive well-being.

Think Happy
As we move into summer we focus on ourselves and being healthier in many ways.
One main focus can be your internal dialogue or self talk.  
Unfortunately most people (around 80%) have negative self talk, which is similar to bullying ourselves…so not cool.

There are some resources to break that habit though: 
1. Offset a negative though with a positive or neutral thought. You can’t stop all the negative thoughts but you can become conscious and respond when you catch a negative thought.
2. Practice self-compassion; yup, love on you…you’re pretty cool! 
3. Acknowledge the critic and speak back with kindness. 
4. Practice mindfulness; start with being present and focus on what is real. 
5. Implement a self care routine that serves you…key word, serves you; what works and what can you do on a regular basis for your mental health. 
6. Reach out to supportive people.
7. Work with a licensed mental health therapist.
8. Get your brain scanned to see how you respond to stress within your body. This is why we continue to up-level what we provide for our patients so you can have access to many resources and tools for healing. 

What is Health and The Germ Theory With the discovery of the microscope, scientists of the time, discovered new life forms called germs, bacteria, viruses, and so forth, and so the “Germ Theory” of disease was created.  It was now known for certain what caused people to become ill — the invisible germ. Yikes!!!! 
This thinking was brought about by a number of assumptions, including the belief that germs were foreign to our body and caused illness. So we have been taught that they should be wiped out, killed, and shown no mercy. They should be obliterated in order for Man to survive – no prisoners to be taken!
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s assume for a moment that you are the proud owner of the filthiest garbage dump on the planet – I know, I know, but stay with me for a moment. What would be the first rodent that would appear in your dump? If your answer is rats, then you are absolutely correct. Now let me ask you another question. What would be the fastest way of getting rid of rats almost instantaneously? 

If your answer is rat poison then you are absolutely correct. Rat poison will definitely eliminate the rat population in your dump instantaneously. How many of you have guessed that I am actually describing the advent of “rat poison” for the elimination of germs? The discovery and use of antibiotics is a truly amazing discovery and very beneficial to mankind. But wait, is it? Let’s look at the rat population in your dump for a moment. You had successfully wiped them out overnight but a month later they are back. You then decide that if the rat poison worked the first time then it should again. And it does! The process is repeated month after month and they still are back. You continue to repeat this procedure but eventually, with time, the rats begin to look at the rat poison as “lunch.” Yes. Antibiotics are becoming ineffective and we are now beginning to create a whole new breed of bacteria named “super bugs.” There is little recourse against these “bugs” at the moment. In pursuing this “Germ theory,” Medicine has adopted an adversarial and combative attitude – “Let’s forge ahead and wipe out everything in our way.”  
 Let’s think about this for a moment. How many of you think there are more germs and bacteria on the face of this planet than there are people? 
If we enter into battle on those grounds alone, we will be wiped out in no time. This is why many scientists and researchers are quite concerned that we are creating our very own demise. A really interesting book entitled: The Coming Plague suggested that antibiotics have advanced the evolution of bacteria by four billion years. 

Many patients don’t realize that there are a number of bacteria in our own bodies and in our environment that are very beneficial and necessary to our survival. For instance, there are bacteria in your intestines right now that help you digest your food – without them, you would become sick.
One thing that I would like to add is that most of the time we are able to co-exist with the germs that live inside us, and in our environment, in perfect harmony. Pasteur had great difficulties with this type of thinking. He belonged to the outdated model where all germs are “bad” and should be wiped out.
The prevailing thought of today why people become sick is that germs multiply and take over because our body biochemistry and function has been disturbed and changed, and there is now increased nutrition available for their growth – so they multiply.
This thinking fits perfectly with the Chiropractic philosophy of disturbed body function – the whole idea is not to allow that to take place. So…does that mean that Chiropractic care can kill bugs which have invaded your body? Of course not! It simply means that Chiropractic will make your body function as it was programmed and designed….and it should be able to handle any “invasion.” There’s a concept!

 Healthy Living: 
Supplementing with Prenatal or Natural Hormone Support 

Prenatal Complete with DHA is a comprehensive, hypoallergenic, prenatal multivitamin and mineral blend that provides high-quality nutrients plus high-concentration DHA to support each phase of pregnancy, from preconception to postnatal.
Supports Healthy Metabolism During the Preconception, Prenatal and Postnatal StagesProvides Macronutrients and Micronutrients Essential for Energy Production and Fetal DevelopmentSupports Healthy Fetal Nervous System Development

EstroDIM® is a targeted supplement that combines the synergistic benefits of the cruciferous vegetable metabolites indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and 3-3’-diindolylmethane (DIM) to support balanced estrogen metabolism.Supports Estrogen BalanceSupports Proper Estrogen Metabolism for Women and MenImproves Estrogen Detoxification PathwaysProvides Cellular Antioxidant Support for DNA Stability

We love to share our favorite supplements, especially ones that can help you manage stress and live a healthier, happier life. 

How is your brain working?  We now have scanning technology that evaluates how you are responding to stress and if your brain is healthy and functioning normally.

Do you know that most people are stuck in a flight/fight pattern?  This limits healing, repair, rest, focus and growth.  Learn how to regulate your nervous system for optimal function.
A Resource for Your Family This book was written for you, it covers all aspects of life and growth and is a resource for parents as your children grow.
This book is a resource for anyone wanting to be healthier and understanding how the body works, heals and functions. 

Order it Online Here


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