Children and Car Crashes

No one wants to deal with being in a crash, especially when we think of our children. But the reality is children are involved in crashes and their injuries can be substantial. Children can’t often express ‘pain’ or ‘discomfort’ after a crash or may not feel it the same as an adult so that is why it is important to get children checked after any crash.

Cardinal signs of injury in your child is change to behavior: sleep patterns have changed or they struggle going to sleep where they didn’t prior to the crash, they are more irritable or fussy, concentration level has diminished or they are experiencing bowel changes are a few examples of signs and symptoms of issues within the body and nervous system. All these signs tell you it is time to get your child checked by someone who knows both injury and children.

As chiropractors in the Salt Lake area we combined energy and went on Good Things Utah to share this information and empower the public in what to look for and help raise awareness for these children.