We’re talking birth!

We love talking birth and all your options. Did you know that midwifery care is the norm in countries such as Norway, Finland and Sweden? And, as a result those countries enjoy a high satisfaction rate, low infant and maternal mortality rate which shows us how safe it is .

We’re talking with Shanlee Robertson, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), Licensed Direct Entry Midwife (Ut) and Licensed Midwife (AZ)

Shanlee has a BS in Midwifery from Midwives College of Utah; BS in Family Consumer Science from Utah State University

Her center is Encompassing Birth Midwifery, LLC you can reach her online at : encompassbirth.com      

or call: 470-588-6464

Encompassing Birth Midwifery focuses on Women Center Care during the reproductive stage of life. We focus on caring for the whole woman during the transition of pregnancy and postpartum period, involving all family members in the journey.