Post-Partum Mental Health

Mommas this one is for you! There are so many changes your body has gone through in creating life, carrying life and birthing life…now your body is trying to heal from this massive transition and caring for a new life all at the same time.

Can it be exhausting…yup. Can it be wonderful, hella yes! Can it be hard…of course!

I sat down with Jessica Thompson again…you may remember her from our sexuality talk in the past…if you missed that one, go have a listen here ( so great. This time we ventured into the mental health world in the postpartum period. All its beauty, craziness and questions.

And here is what we learned:

We have to nurture and honor ourselves and other moms as we navigate becoming moms and recovering from birth both physically and mentally. This time is an opportunity for friends, family and loved ones to lean in, support, listen and help.

We discuss with Jessica Thompson, LCSW (perinatal therapist) all things mental health but focus on the postpartum period for this episode.

Jessica focuses on: Postpartum mental health and wellness, and women’s sexuality 

You can find Jessica on Instagram: @jessica.the.therapist 

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Enjoy…and this may change your life, your perspective or your appreciation for all you’ve been through.